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Apollo Royalties, a division of Apollo Global Management, employs a dedicated team who combines technical expertise, solutions-oriented structuring and efficient decision-making to value and buy mineral rights, oil & gas royalties and overriding royalties across the U.S. As a leading mineral acquisitions company, our team possesses specific expertise in major unconventional resources and emerging plays in the basin and shale areas in many states. Our buyers value and purchase resources in Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and many more.

If you are looking to sell oil & gas royalties and mineral rights, Apollo Royalties can help you value your royalties and mineral rights before you decide to sell. We do not lease minerals. We purchase your future royalty cash flows in exchange for an upfront sum today. Our technical assessment of your resource’s value will allow us to provide you with a competitive offer today for your mineral rights and royalties. 

At Apollo Royalties, we pride ourselves on our integrity. Apollo will prepare our valuation based on our technical analysis, offer you what we believe to be a fair market price for your assets and close promptly. 

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